Monday, September 15, 2008

i love this girl, my baby girl.

Fiamma. Shiamma. Baby girl. Precious. Silly goose.


I love you.

You call your sister Grati and your brother Eliji.

You never leave the house with out a coat on.

You love riding on your daddy's shoulders.

Your favorite song is "nothing but the blood of Jesus".

You love wearing jeans, preferably to bed.

You always say sorry, even when Elijah is trying to apologize to you and he can't get a word in because you keep saying "sorry elijah...sorry elijah"

You are so loved.

Fiamma's birthday bash.

Yes, she is 2. Although, she has been 2 for almost a month now. Her actual birthday is August 17th. But August shortly became a very busy month so we postponed an actual BASH til now. So yes, it happened. She is now 2 with a party. A great party. A great dancin' party. It was great fun. Lots o kids, I believe 12ish...we had a bloody nose, some curious george, a little ABBA, superb cakes and cookies, and an excellent disco ball to bring it all together. The lights that we strung are still up. Most of everything is back in its original place. Thank you all who could come and make it such a special time for Fiamma as well as the rest of us Zion's.

101_0156 101_0206 101_0173

101_0160 101_0203

Gratia has taken the plunge.


This is her first real meal. Or probably the first one that she REAlly enjoyed. It consisted of an avacado, sweet potato, bannana, and apple sauce. MMMmmmmm good. We kinda skipped pureed foods and went straight to "let me feed myself" mode. It's lovely. She loves it.



Budding artists

I wanted to brag a little. Elijah and Fiamma painted these 3 canvases for our bedroom. They are lovely. Most of what you see are railroad tracks. A lake, some rivers....I see a man. Whatever you may see here, it was done with their hands and I am so proud.100_2741

"nothing but the blood of Jesus..."

my children, yes Gratia included, love this song. They love to sing this song. Over and over again. I love this song. If they need to sing, this is usually the song they prefer. When riding their bikes and humming a tune you can bet "oh precious is the flow" will be heard loudly through out our neighborhood. When riding in the car, "oh daddy, please play 'noting but de blood of Jesus' ". It is such a huge testimony to how faithful God is.

Thank you Lord.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.