Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So much has happened...PART II

SO there we have the latest tidbits on Femur. Moving right along to her big bro son. Which I call him often. "what are you doing my son?" Yes, I'm a little coocoo. But it sounds cool.

htc phone pics 069

Ok, soo he thinks he is ready for school. His biggest desire right now would be going to school. He is always packing his bags, whatever it may be and getting ready to go catch the bus. It could be 7 in the evening, with his Pj's on and he is still convinced the bus is coming. Always puts a smile on my face! As for home recreation he is now into his bow and arrow. Not a real one, of course. He has had a recent fascination with Robin Hood. He is Robin and Fiamma is little John. We are still learning that little John is not someone we would shoot arrows at, but getting there. Oh and arrows come out of our fingers, kinda like spider man with his web. That's Elijah with his arrows. So we have our backpack, arrows, the next on the list would be a new love for puzzles. Wooded ones. He has always liked puzzles, but now he can actually sit down by himself and figure it out. It just kinda clicked one day. I came home one afternoon, and Tim said "oh and by the way, he can put together his big wooden puzzle all by himself". I had to ask a few times to clarify, just in case we were talking about a different Elijah. But nope, we were talking about same beautiful boy, who can now put a puzzle together all by himself. "Aren't you so proud of me mom?" I love it when he asks me that. One of the things I long to hear during the day. Honestly. It melts me. I melt. We get a few giggles, and he has a cookie for breakfast...that he found on the kitchen counter and I am so proud of him, that he was able to find it.

Ok it's late. Be back shortly. Cause really, I love writing. Especially about my kids.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

To the dentist we go!

Elijah had his first trip to the dentist last month. I just found this picture and wanted to share it with everyone. It's pretty cute. He evidently had a great time. Can't you tell?

htc phone pics 121

so much has happened, where do I start?

The kids keep growing. The goal has been for some time, to keep a daily journal. So far this blog is it. My goal though is to sit down at the end of each day and just jot down a few of the "moments" or happenings that went on that day. But this is what I got so far.

Ok go.


I will start with Fiamma. She has been on my mind a lot lately. For a bit now. She seems to be changing the most or the most vividly I might say. She is using the toilet, playing dress up, trying to dress herself, she has a new word among the many "mine", climbs everything, wearing jewelry, talks about marrying dad, likes to pick our her clothes now, counting, singing "christ the solid rock I stand", wanting her hair up in ponytails or whopsies as we like to call it, telling me that God is everywhere, asks to read about Samuel, (prefers David though) loves to pray, she sweetly often reminds us to pray, tells me when she wakes up that "I slept all night, mammma!" and cries when her shoe is on wrong, and calls herself Shiamma or Shamma. I LOVE her.

OHhh the list goes on and on. I could keep on writing for days about her little nuances, but that may only be fun for me. One word though that I think best describes her is, precious. She is my precious pumpkin. I have one. I have 3, but of the 3 she is our precious little Fiamma. She is our firey little flame. She kept us anxiously waiting, and then BAM, right after she turned 1 she just went and kept going. She's still going. Always is. She has to keep up with her big brother, which, by the way are totally meant for each other.

God is truly amazing.

Our adorable Gratia is 20lbs!

Yes, she had her 6 month check up last week. She weighed in at a whopping 20 lbs and 27 inches long. Wow. But as I said she is a pretty stinking adorable 20 lbs. She is rolling everywhere. It didn't take long for that to start, and I would say that she is more than just scootin across the floor. Technically she isn't crawling but pretty darn close. Oh, and she is sitting up. So sitting up. Getting to be a big girl.... She is now making this new face too. She grimaces at you. I think it's when she has a bubble if laying on her back, but it's quite funny to watch while she stretches out all of her limbs. Streeeeeetchhhh!


But other than maintaining a healthy appetite and getting around she is the sweetest button. I call her pumpkin or in the words of Elijah "silly goose, momma. She is a silly goose!" She is. An adorable, sweet, silly goose pumpkin.

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.