Tuesday, July 8, 2008

so much has happened, where do I start?

The kids keep growing. The goal has been for some time, to keep a daily journal. So far this blog is it. My goal though is to sit down at the end of each day and just jot down a few of the "moments" or happenings that went on that day. But this is what I got so far.

Ok go.


I will start with Fiamma. She has been on my mind a lot lately. For a bit now. She seems to be changing the most or the most vividly I might say. She is using the toilet, playing dress up, trying to dress herself, she has a new word among the many "mine", climbs everything, wearing jewelry, talks about marrying dad, likes to pick our her clothes now, counting, singing "christ the solid rock I stand", wanting her hair up in ponytails or whopsies as we like to call it, telling me that God is everywhere, asks to read about Samuel, (prefers David though) loves to pray, she sweetly often reminds us to pray, tells me when she wakes up that "I slept all night, mammma!" and cries when her shoe is on wrong, and calls herself Shiamma or Shamma. I LOVE her.

OHhh the list goes on and on. I could keep on writing for days about her little nuances, but that may only be fun for me. One word though that I think best describes her is, precious. She is my precious pumpkin. I have one. I have 3, but of the 3 she is our precious little Fiamma. She is our firey little flame. She kept us anxiously waiting, and then BAM, right after she turned 1 she just went and kept going. She's still going. Always is. She has to keep up with her big brother, which, by the way are totally meant for each other.

God is truly amazing.

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