Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How bout 4 stitches and a lollipop? YA!


It's that time again. Every year, it seems, around Elijah's birthday he takes a trip to get some laceration glued back together. Not to be out done by the previous year, for his third birthday he got four stitches on his upper lip. We aren't sure how it exactly happened but we do know dancing not only leads to sex but when mixed with a coffee table it leads to stitches.

Like his other facial wound, we were all nice and bloody, but after a few tears he said he was "feeling better now, mom". We decided to forgo the ER in favor of our doctor. We had some more clarity this time. So rather than rushing to the ER, we decided to call our clinic. We think he is pretty comfortable there...he often asks to go to the doctor, not necessarily for the Dr. We've figured him out, it's for those dang lollipops! Heck, we are their best customers.

They got us an appointment an hour and a half later at 1:30. I took him in and Mariah stayed with the girls at home. He was ready to go though, he had his back pack in hand and we said a little prayer or two before we walked out the door. When we got there we played our trains and spelt words until it was time to stitch him up. I had explained to him how it was going to go down. He layed down on the table, closed his eyes and let the doc stitch him with out a tear or much movement for that matter. In fact, he cared about getting his stitches so much that he fell asleep half way through.

When everything was done I picked him up, he woke up, then he asked for his lollipop. We got the lollipop, of course, and went home smiling.

Thank you Lord for lollipops!

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ocm said...

dang...I should check out those lollipops. I always go straight for the stickers!

Gosh...I hope this annual tradition doesn't keep getting bigger each year!

: )

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