Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's new besides German pancakes?

Elijah. Hmm. He is always doing something new. He's Robin Hood. That's what's new. "Mom! Run into the forest!" Yes. I run into the forest. Of course I do. He loves to pretend. Make believe. He has moved on from wanting to fly like Mary and now on to using a sword like David and Robin Hood. Fight Fight Fight. Or if it's a fire "Fight the FIRE!" Usually I am the fire. With a little redirection it's all good. The sword fights are still a family ritual with he and dad. Tonight we discovered that one of his swords is starting to break. It's only been a month. Well, what can I say. He plays hard.

Fiamma. Oh sweet little lady. Our song bird. Her vocab is unlimited. You can pretty much chat it up with her. All the time. Or dance. It used to be "bead a book", now it's "read a book". So she is improving and gaining. There is usually no question what she is talking about or what point she is trying to get across. Sometimes it still can be a guessing game, but for the most part it's plain as day. She also can, with help, count to 10. She likes to repeat 1, 2, 3 at times but you can usually get her to do every other number with you. She knows when she has 2 of something. 2 shoes, 2 blankets. Of course, 2 of all her favorite things!

Gratia. Reaching, grabbing, giggler, almost a squealer, a spiller. What else...She absolutely LOVES her brother and sister. Elijah will just sit with her and chat it up. Asking her questions. Telling her things. Responding to her like they are having an actual conversation. And if you watch her, she is just elated. Talking back in her own sweet voice. So beside herself. It's the cutest thing, I must admit.

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