Thursday, June 12, 2008


DSCN3365 Apple Cider Vinegar kills dandelions and other weeds, but won't kill your grass. And Raccoons like beer. The reason I know this is because there was a HUGE one in our back yard exactly 13 minutes ago. I saw it from our bedroom window while on the phone with my good friend Melinda. Tim was asleep in bed when I yelled, "Oh my gosh there's a raccoon in our back yard...and he's drinking my beer!" Tim lept from the bed to see what was the matter, ran down the stairs in search of his gun. Oh my. Meanwhile, Melinda is giving me advice on how to get rid of it "just clap your hands 3 times, and it will go away". Nice. But Tim didn't think that was good enough so he proceeded to try and caulk the gun and shoot. The reason I say try, is because there was no quickness about it. If it would have been a huge beast we would of been gonners. I truly believe Tim is out of practice. We'll have to get him to the shooting range soon:)So while he continued to work on the gun, the little guy, raccoon that is, just stared at us-like we were the ones in his back yard. I'll give him that; technically he's right, but we can talk about that later. Onto the beer drinking raccoon! ok so, Tim finally shot at him, and missed. Really I was glad he missed-I would of freaked out if he had hit him, but he still just stood there staring and sniffed at where the pellet had hit near by, like "oh soo scary..." he was laughing at us inside. Then he figured he would try to escape by climbing the fence but then realized he would be better off just going under and scooted off into the night. You might be asking yourself "why was there beer in the back yard?", well we do drink it here at the Zion casa, but this beer was set out for those horrible slugs that have been eating my garden. If you set out beer in a cup, dig a whole level with the ground and set inside, they are enticed by it and fall in and drowned. Much better than slug bait you get at the stores for multiple reasons, and much more entertaining too. You get drowned slugs and a drunk raccoon.

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ocm said...

hmmm.....I guess a drunk raccoon would be easier to hit if Tim is out of practice

: )

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