Sunday, August 3, 2008

Can I, please may I have a BIG bit?

Ok, so we have learned that giving a warning to your child, before the next big change as the day progresses is very key, especially when all are tired. So lately, we have been saying, yes Elijah we are getting ready for bed. Let's get our Pj's on and then you can play with your trains for a little bit before we climb up your ladder to bed. Ok? Ok mom. You then walk away to do what was next on your list for getting the rest of the troop in bed, and you see him pop his head out and come to the top of the stairs, you then say, Elijah you are supposed to be playing with your trains. He then replies so solemnly, but momma, can I please may I have a big bit, not a little bit. A big bit with my trains.

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