Friday, August 8, 2008

V and V

It's fabulous. I went today. Value Village that is. Some people may frown at the idea; my face lights up at the possibilities. For example. I found a 100% wool blanket to make puddle pads out of. Yes, puddle pads for my babes' beds. Instead of buying a wool one new, in this case I would of needed 3, I found a blanket that I can cut up for all 3. The going cost, on average is almost 100 bucks. I made 3, not as of yet, for $6.99. Not only did I save money, but I am reusing and my money is going towards a nonprofit. Only to name a few benefits.

Also I added many great items to my own closet as well, with the patience of my son and daugter (they did wonderfully). You have everything at your finger tips. No need to go from store to store....all the name brands are there. J crew, GAP, H and M, whatever the wind brings, it's there. And FYI if you bring a bag of your own goodies to donate before you shop, you get a $3 off coupon for your next purchase. It's glorious. Pure genius.

If you ever need a tour or a first time experience, I would love to assist. I am not typically a "wanna shopper", but if V and V is in the mix, I am there.

PS: Wool puddle pads. Whole other topic I would love to chat about. Ask me. Wool is so good to sleep on. Google it. More people need to know about what they sleep on. One of those "note to self's"....

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ocm said...

someday we'll have to have a V&V date--I never have much luck!
: )

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