Friday, October 3, 2008


9 months goes by stinking quick. Gratia is now nine months old. She is a doll. She is growing by leaps and bounds. Trying to keep up with her brother and sister as always. She does this rather excited kick when she sees them. She gets so excited. She loves it when Elijah comes into her room in the mornings to greet her. I hear can her loud and clear and she is so thrilled. He sits so patiently waiting until his sisters wake up. Oh I hear Gratia mom, can I go get her? He loves being a big brother to them. But the latest for Gratia is talking. She has been saying mumm mum mumma and nighnighhnigh they may mean what they sound like, but the newest today was daddadadaa. She finally started repeating it over and over again right before bed, to her dad of course. Precious. Just precious. Her eyes radiate as though sometimes they are all you see when looking at her. She has the sweetest facial expressions. My favorite is when Tim goes in for a kiss and she sticks out her tongue over her upper lip. She often just puts her hand up in the air like she is praising Jesus or maybe just saying hi. She is really good at crinkling her nose up too. She is just a ball.


Other than the latest facial expressions and words, she goes and is everywhere. Crawling definitely for the past couple months now but pulling herself up on everything and walking around. Stairs are a breeze, going up that is. We are still working on going down the correct way, but I have this great gate. His name is Elijah. He loves being a gate for his sis. Ok mom. I've got her. As I turn around I see him grabbing her by the ankles pulling her away. She is in stitches. Or he'll pick her up and carry her to his room. Either way it's adorable. And then I realize that God not only blesses us as parents with wonderful children but he blesses them with each other. I think the best gift I could give my kids would be more siblings. I am not opposed to it at all. It melts my heart to see them love each other. Thank you Jesus for our babes.

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