Friday, October 3, 2008

My sweet boy. I pray you become a man of God.


Days go by but then I am quickly reminded that he will continue to grow. That he won't always be 3. I am loving this stage. I am loving him. He surprises me every day with new ideas, new words that I have never heard of, new ways of reasoning, new expressions. Ways in which he needs to protect his sister. He was being disciplined for hitting his sister and I told him that his hands were made for protecting his sister. Well, he said. I need a gun if I am going to be able to protect her. That's pretty easy to figure out. Then tonight we had a guest over and he had poked him in the eye, everything is in tact no worries. He was disciplined for it. Tim told him that we are not to poke peoples eyes. He said, I obeyed, I didn't poke him in the eyes. I poked him in the eye. Really? Wow. I am so glad that it was Tim and not me. I sometimes have a hard time holding my composure. Tim is much better at it then I am. Other than his reasoning skills he has mad skills in tying his rope to everything. He ties everything. Or he hooks it to his rescue helicopter. And rescues it. There really is never a dull moment in our house. I love it. And he will continue to grow and change. Eventually he will not be 3 anymore. He'll be using ropes for different things. I don't have the capacity to exactly know what the future holds for him. What I know is this, that what I do now and how we go about that will definitely have an impact on the man he is to become.

Lord equip my hands. Help me. This is about glorifying you. It's not about me being great and a glorified momma. It's about you.

I am your vessel.

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