Wednesday, July 1, 2009

jOy UnSpeAkabLe

My thoughts for today are as follows: reading in mass quantities to your children is a perfect way to spend the morning, a mud pit is a must for every back yard, 4 year olds need chores (elijah took out the recycling today by himself), my children love eachother, chalk is not eatible, sprinklers are an amazing invention, raspberry/blackberry cobbler cooked in a cast iron skillet is the most delish thing, a teething Gratia is a delicate thing, blankets are for hiding under, my back is tired but it is all well worth it, the smell of freshly dried laundry from the line is intoxicating, new video cameras are a blast and well worth the cost, i love surprises, pregnancy is such a blessing, reaping veggies from your garden is a rewarding task and even better when you get to chop them up and eat them for dinner, it's been a joy teaching the kids the OT books, baby dolls ALWAYS need their hats on, and I think I want to write a book.

Today was such an ordinary day. We didn't go anywhere or have a fun adventure. We didn't have any guests over. We hung out in our home; clothing optional, as well as mudslinging. But I can tell God is changing my heart. Because if I remember correctly, the days when we stay home usually seem to be the hardest. Days act longer, children tend to be whinier, more accidents happen, ect.

I think what God is teaching me right now and I am finally grabing hold of (it's a process) and taking to heart is this: obedient children are not what gives me true joy. An accident free day is not perfect joy. A perfect husband is not where my joy waits. A delightful day without any chaos is not where my joy comes from.

True and perfect joy comes from the Lord. And He never changes. Never.

Doesn't matter what our day looks like. The key is we have a day. It's a blessing.
Any and every kind of day is a blessing.

My goal is not to have a good day (which would consist of obedient children, no chaos, limited change in schedule, no messes or accidents, ect).

My goal is to get up every morning and worship Him.
With every thought, deed, and action.

With all of me. For His glory.


kellycowan said...

looovin that post. i too wish you'd write a book! i love learning from you sweet life. excited for the 14th. i want to get my mud slingin on. and i need to teach the girls what a tomboy is. no towels or napkins allowed.

Momma Mariah said...

no i am not prego. everyone else is though!

Anne Marie said...

truly, joy unspeakable. Love it!

The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.