Thursday, July 2, 2009

These are them.

These are my lovelies. My baby girls and my big boy. As I look at these pictures this is what I notice. They are all wearing their favorite sweatshirts.
I will start with Gratia. If she spots her zipper down striped fleece, from anywhere, she goes crazy for it. She'll yell for it, bring it to you relentlessly until you help her get it on and then you better get it on quick.
Fiamma often asks for her "car sweatshirt". She loves it. The reason being is, it once belonged to her beloved big brother, Elijah. I knew she would be honored to wear it. So as I was going through his closet to find items that didn't fit him any longer that item slid right into hers because I just knew. Moms do that, they just know. Fiamma was of course elated the day I pulled it from her closet to offer it as a possibility. Sure mom. Sure.
Elijah asks to wear his race car sweatshirt almost religiously. Where is it mom?
I will ask him to go get dressed, and he will come back with a confused look asking me, but mom where is my race car sweatshirt? Lately it's been so hot that we have had to have the conversations about getting too hot and how in 80 degree weather wearing a sweatshirt would be a poor decision. We would possibly get too hot and die. Yes a little extreme, but that is what he understands.
They are adorable. I adore them.

The other things that I notice is that they are all piled into a dirty pick up truck box thing (I have no idea what the technical term is). We use it for their outside toys but the only reason they can fit in it while taking that pic is because they threw everything else make room.
Geniuses I tell you.
I adore them.

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